The Shift4 Gift Card Program

Already integrated within the SkyTab POS is the ability to seamlessly process gift cards supplied by the Shift4 Gift Card Division. This eliminates the need for you to have a third party gift card service or have to purchase any additional equipment.

Gift Card Printing

With the Shift4 Gift Card Program you will have the ability to order either completely custom cards or you can select from a wide variety of pre-designed cards and then customize them by adding on your business name, address, phone number, website, or slogan. For the pre-designed cards you can select from 36 ink colors for the text and 15 different font styles. In either case we have an online design wizard where you can create your card or upload your own custom card design, see what it looks like, and then submit it right into production.

First 50Free$11.95
Over 1000Quoted Upon RequestBased on Quantity

Gift Card Pricing

Monthly (After 60 Day Free Trial) $12.95
Per Transaction$0.20

Gift Card Merchandising

All gift card packages include an acrylic display stand with insert, card sleeves, a window decal and 2 register decals.

Online Account Management

Using the exact same online portal, Lighthouse, where you can view all of your merchant account data you can also access your daily gift card activity and view various reports.

  • View real-time cardholder activity
  • View all transactions
  • View transaction reports
  • View and edit cardholder information

Customer Balance Checker

Cardholders have the ability to go online to to check their current balance simply by entering the card number and pushing the Go button.

Convert Your Current Gift Cards

If you already have a gift card program in place one of our gift card specialists will work with you to convert your card numbers and balances over to the Shift4 gift card network.

Gift Card Customer Service – 24/7

The same customer service department that can assist you with questions about your SkyTab POS and merchant account can also assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with your gift card questions.

Loyalty Program

Built into your SkyTab POS is a loyalty program module in order to enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Record details of each customer including Name, Address, Birthday, and Email
  • Send promotional emails and snail mails to advertise sales and specials
  • Loyalty programs include bonus points, frequent visitor discounts and birthday rewards
  • Detailed purchase history of each customer
  • Accounts receivable built in with balance tracking, payment history and printed statements

For any questions you have regarding the Shift4 gift card program please feel free to call Kevin at 800-717-1245 or complete the Request Info form.