SkyTab Glass Tableside Ordering

Designed by Restauranteurs

Engineered by Geniuses

We listened and heard loud and clear exactly the type of handheld device servers wanted to carry around from table to table without having to worry about balancing a tray of food too. You wanted something light, not too bulky, no buttons to worry about sticking or getting ruined by liquids, and a display screen that is as easy to use as the main POS workstation.

So our In-House Shift4 engineering team got to work and voila –

Introducing SkyTab Glass

SkyTab Glass is by far the best table ordering device ever made. The display screen exactly mirrors the functions of your POS workstations so there is no additional learning curve for your servers.

  • Eliminates the need to write down orders by hand and rekey into the POS workstation
  • No more expense for order pads and pens
  • Dramatically cuts down on errors saving big bucks in discarded food due to rekeying mistakes
  • Spend more time with the diners catering to their needs rather than everyone congregating at the POS
  • Immediately syncs to the POS in real-time
  • Send food and drink orders directly to the kitchen or the bar right from the table
  • Customer satisfaction leads to larger tips
  • Speeding up service leads to more table turns which means more profit
  • Processes cards via integrated EMV/Chip, Swipe, or NFC
  • Ability to print to a mobile belt printer or a stationary thermal printer

When placing your SkyTab POS order please let us know how many SkyTab Glass devices you would like for your servers.