SkyTab Customer Facing Display

Introducing a Customer Facing Display as Useful as it is Sleek and Modern

Shift4 has spent years developing the perfect customer facing display to incorporate all of the features that our merchants have requested. Completely customizable for each merchant some of the most popular features include:

  • Displaying the itemized order as it is keyed into the POS by the cashier
  • Individual prices and totals for the diner to view to help eliminate order errors
  • Suggested Tip Prompts (Ex – 18%, 20%, 22% or Custom Gratuity)
  • Lets the customer swipe, dip, or tap their own Credit Card
  • Option to display Cash vs Credit Pricing
  • Sign up for your Loyalty Program right on the display with just a phone number
  • Custom messages for the customer such as Daily Specials
  • Keeps the line moving because of less cashier and customer interaction

This is the perfect option for pay at the cashier or counter service dining establishments. When placing your SkyTab POS order please let us know if you would like to add on a Customer Facing Display.