Testimonials – Just a Sample of our Happy Campers!

Original review: March 27, 2018

I own a restaurant in Meadville PA. We were looking at POS systems but they were so expensive so I kept putting it off. A local guy from Harbortouch came in my business and presented his POS system to me. The price was very affordable and the system looked and worked great when he showed me the demo system. After some time, I decided to move forward. I will say this. The system works great but when something goes off course, my rep is always available to me whenever I need him.

Customer service and tech support is always helpful when we need assistance. My rep will bring me paper if I get too low before my shipment comes in that I ordered, he helps my staff when I’m not there, he always answers his PHONE no matter what! He manages my rates and keeps them low without me having to flip out over fees. It’s hard finding anyone who sells a product stand by their product through smooth and tough. Not sure about anyone else, but my local guy is great

Original review: March 26, 2018

I was sick of my Micros and our previous system was old. And Harbortouch’s Jon Taffer endorsement put me over the top. The rep was very persistent, which was good and he sold me on it. Moreover, he answered the questions I needed. We have two cash registers, three screens and a printer in the kitchen. I like their customer service and how the equipment is very easy to maneuver. I’m computer illiterate but I can pick it up. Their customer service was right there when I called and helped me right away.

Original review: March 25, 2018

We bought a business and Harbortouch was already incorporated in the business. We were not sure if we wanted to keep it or go with something different, and the rep, Oscar, came out here and did his whole spiel. He was very knowledgeable. I talked to him a couple of times and his actions were good. We have the one point-of-sale system with a register underneath, and a printer in the kitchen and a printer upfront in the main bar. The Harbortouch equipment is really the first point-of-sale that we have ever used. We used a very old school system before, so it was nice to update to Harbortouch. I’m still in the process of working on a new menu right now, so we really have not changed anything yet.

Original review: March 22, 2018

A salesman came in and pitched the Harbortouch service. I figured out there was a catch to it but he sold me on it. We went back and forth, and I did some shopping around and it was the best deal. I liked their free POS upgrade. We had an older system so it definitely helps. The timing was right, too, because we needed to upgrade our system with all the chip encryption regulations coming down. We figured it was the best time to upgrade, and just paying the monthly fee is definitely worth it.

After the sales team, we simply signed papers and got the install date. Once the system was all installed, we communicate with the technical support through a phone call anytime anything goes down or we have an issue. We bought five touch screens, five printers, kitchen printers and handheld chip card readers. The Harbortouch equipment is new. It’s relatively easy to use and to program, and things are on the fly if you need to.

Harbortouch has 24 hours service. I can call anytime and while sometimes, there was a little bit of hold wait, it’s the same with any kind of service and usually, Harbortouch has been able to fix an issue right away. They can log right in and diagnose and check anything within our system. If a printer’s been broken or stops working for whatever reason, they ‘ll replace it right away and ship one out to us overnight. Harbortouch is definitely a newer system and there are kinks here and there but it’s been fantastic. It’s a good service. It’s definitely helpful when something goes down in the bar business.

Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

Harbortouch has been great. We like their product. It’s easy to use and very comprehensive. Moreover, anytime we’ve talked with their reps, they’ve been very helpful.

Original review: March 24, 2018

Everybody at Harbortouch has been great. Anytime anything goes wrong, if someone doesn’t have an answer for me right away they go to someone else and get the answer. They don’t leave us hanging or anything like that. We get a really quick resolution to whatever our issues are. We have their POS system and I like that we have a touchscreen with it. That’s convenient.

Original review: March 21, 2018

Harbortouch POS Systems is super simple to work with. We have the touchscreen ones and we’ve never had a problem with it. Also, if we ever have a problem, customer service is easy. I’ve called to have them show me how to put stuff on the menu, take stuff off the menu and change prices, and I didn’t have to recall them again.

Original review: March 20, 2018

The store where I work at uses Harbortouch and it works really well. I like that it’s easy to ring everything up.

Original review: March 18, 2018

The owner of the business decided to purchase Harbortouch. We got the whole cash register system from them. It’s user-friendly. But I still prefer the old cash register. When we don’t have internet, we can’t access it. When things happen like brownouts or power outage or when we don’t have internet connection, we can’t use it. We are paralyzed by that great amount of time. That’s why I’m not convinced with it.

Original review: March 17, 2018

A sales representative who lives in our neighborhood highly recommended Harbortouch among several different systems he sells. He said the turnaround would be really fast on getting it programmed for us. Then, we also saw Harbortouch on Bar Rescue. The customer service is really good and they always address any issue. We have two terminals for the POS and the system is user-friendly. I would recommend Harbortouch.

Original review: March 16, 2018

A rep from Harbortouch came when we were opening our business. His name is Russ and he was a good customer service guy. The rest of the people in town are also using them so we just went with them. When we started, we used a cash register. We first just got the credit card system and once our business built up, we switched over to a POS System. We’ve had that a little over a month now. We love it and it’s the smartest thing we’ve done. It has a lot better inventory control, it’s faster and it doesn’t tear up as much. It is also more efficient.

Original review: March 15, 2018

Thomas from Harbortouch came to the first restaurant that we opened, and he explained the system. Harbortouch gave an opportunity to finance the point-of-sale system. We then went ahead and tried them. The employees say it is good, simple and easy to use. And we like it. They have a good program where I can put our orders in the system. If I have any problems, I can call the number on the bottom of the screen and then they can help me online. Anything we need from Carla, a lady who works with Thomas, she would help us right away. The first time we worked on the system, we called them. They helped us on chargebacks. Now, we are good and we are happy. Other companies would offer their systems and I would tell them that when we tried to open a restaurant and that we have been here working six months, no companies showed up to show their system and now we have Harbortouch.

Original review: March 14, 2018

We’ve been using Harbortouch for the last year or so. We have two POS systems and I like how nice the whole reporting system is where you can pull out any kind of categories. I also like the inventory part of it, which is neat. Learning how to use it was very easy. My name was added as a contact, so anytime I had any questions I was able to call the 1800 number and give my name and they walked me through any issues that I had. So, that part was very smooth and easy to deal with. And, if they didn’t know the answer, they sent me someone that did. It was a good experience, overall.

Original review: March 13, 2018

Harbortouch was the system that the restaurant before us had. Everything was fine with their sales team. Harbortouch is great and I like that their system is convenient.

Original review: March 12, 2018

We bought this business last year in March and because of the bank we worked with, we had to get Clover unfortunately, which made us very unhappy. So we were in search of something to replace it within the grace period so that we could return Clover back. We heard from a friend who owns a restaurant that he had Harbortouch for some time and he was happy with it. So he gave us the number and we called Robert, who was our sales person. Robert came here, explained to us the system and everything worked fast. We got it installed before the scheduled date.

Original review: March 10, 2018

The owners of the bar I work for had talked to a couple of people who recommended and had Harbortouch. The owners really liked the system. When we first started, I didn’t know how to do anything. Their sales team was very helpful in walking me through stuff. I call them with anything that I need and they take care of it right away. We got the cash register on the bottom and then the POS on top. We also got a printer and a kitchen printer that are linked to our iPads. Harbortouch set everything up so easily and anytime I call their technical support team, I could sit and watch them do it, or they’d walk me through if I want to add a new item. I like their equipment because it has a bigger screen. The ones we had before were just like little iPads. Overall, they have been awesome and wonderful and would recommend them a 100%.

Original review: March 9, 2018

Our merchant rep started selling my boss on Harbortouch. My boss finally decided to give it a try. Then we had the POS system hooked up, plugged in, and with the help of Harbortouch, had all the bugs worked out. We’ve had nothing but great experience with them. Their staff is very helpful, especially when we were first learning this system. Anytime we had an issue, we just called them up and they took care of it. Moreover, they were able to handle problems remotely. They have been very efficient and have done a great job.

The equipment is fast and efficient compared to the old school way of handwriting little invoices and extending them by hand. We carry so many different items and we like the capability of being able to bring them up on the look-up. When we have an increase, we just update the prices and it’s right there. We can change the quantity the customer wants, do the extension and process payment. It’s also easy to add a customer to the base. We’re in our second year with the system and we’ve been very happy with it.

Original review: March 8, 2018

I was searching online for POS systems. Then I also saw Harbortouch on Bar Rescue and that was what closed the deal for me. Harbortouch must be a good system if they are using it. During the time when we were initially setting the system up, the sales team walked me through and got the process done. So far, so good. I have no complaints. I’ve had no issues with customer service as well. When they come, they talk to me through it.

Original review: March 7, 2018

A few years ago, somebody came and talked to me about Harbortouch. I had a different POS system and I wasn’t happy with that one. Then, I did some research and went to Harbortouch. Their sales team was quick and I was happy with them. So, I bought four stations for POS systems and terminals. Since using Harbortouch, when we call customer service or tech support, their staff are really quick to respond. Sometimes, I leave a message and they call right back. Overall, Harbortouch does what I’m looking for — the reports, the speed, all that stuff. It’s quick and it’s easy to work their equipment. In hiring new employees, we would spend half a day just to teach them the POS system. Everything is there and so far I like the program. Their product is doing what they promised it would do.

Original review: March 6, 2018

Harbortouch had their own processing company and we could get the systems in there cheap. Their sales rep, Will, was good. We got Elite POS stations and a wireless credit card terminal. They were easy to use and customer service was good. My experience has been universally positive and I recommend them.

Original review: March 5, 2018

Harbortouch is a great company to go with. They got a 24-hour service and you can always get someone on the phone. I got the all-in-one touchscreen equipment and I like the convenience of everything being categorized. I’d touch the screen and it would do everything for me. Also, they have great customer service and they’re prompt about helping me out with any problem that I have every time I call. When the system I have was processing slow, they figured out what was going on and they sent me a new system. It’s a whole lot better now.

Original review: March 4, 2018

Our director got Harbortouch’s POS system with the thought that it was the best deal he had to take. Indeed, it is a convenience for us and it does all the sale for me. It’s wonderful and it’s great that we can use credit cards, since we didn’t have that for many years. Also, Harbortouch’s customer service is very good. I called them when I couldn’t get my screen on and they got my screen up and fixed it. The tech support person I got was a very nice gentleman and everything was fine. The system is performing well and I love it.

Original review: March 3, 2018

It was for the money and because we wanted to computerize that we decided to use Harbortouch. It was kind of a no-brainer because it was all in it. Processing was less expensive, and we were getting the whole computer system. One of our clients is a rep for Harbortouch, and I had a good interaction with her. She was very professional and thorough, and everything went very well. We have the POS and then we also have Harbortouch computer where we book our appointments and all that fun stuff to keep our customers in. But depending on the day, there are some days that I don’t like the Harbortouch system at all. We had a lot of troubles, and Ian over at the support was amazing. He was like our best friend, and we haven’t had to call him in a long time. I think we’ve got all the internet stuff figured out.

Original review: March 1, 2018

Harbortouch is a POS system that I’ve known about for a while. I looked things up online and I knew they were who I wanted to go with. I got the touchscreen POS from them. When I first got the POS system, the sales team said it was going to take about six to eight weeks but it actually took way a lot longer. I was pretty upset with them about that because I had opened my restaurant and they were supposed to be there a few days before opening and it wasn’t here till about two or three weeks afterwards. But the sales team themselves, other than that, was fine. In the end, it worked out. They sent the equipment when they were able to.

Also, the equipment was easy to use and if there’s a problem, I can call Harbortouch. It was to the point where my computer froze and I was able to contact them and they were able to go right into my POS system via where they were at and fixed the problem. And then, they explained to us what was going on and that we needed to shut our whole system down about once a week for all the updates. That has fixed the problem and we haven’t had a problem in months. It has been great. They’re easy to talk to once I got it all set up. They were also very approachable. I’d definitely recommend Harbortouch to someone else and tell them that Harbortouch is user-friendly.