QR Ordering

Contactless QR Code Ordering and Payment Processing

QR codes offer a safe and secure way for your customers to order and pay from their phone.

This functionality is integrated with your SkyTab POS for a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Best of all, you can add this feature to your account for FREE!

  • A great contactless ordering and payment experience
  • Appreciated by many diners due to Covid-19
  • Mobile-friendly menu with easy setup and management
  • Orders automatically route to the POS workstation
  • Improved efficiency for increased table turns
  • Capture customer emails to build your marketing database
  • 24/7/365 support via Phone, Chat, or Email

How It Works:

Display QR Code

  1. Merchant displays a custom QR code on their menu, table tent, coaster, or placemat.

Scan the Code

  1. Customer scans the code with their smartphone and the menu opens in their phone’s web browser

Place the Order

  1. Customer selects the menu items they want and completes payment to submit their order.

Order Sent to POS

  1. The order is sent to the POS system and kitchen and prepared as usual.